Music is many things to many people, and to the Central Mass Music Academy (CMMA) it is a craft, a practice that demands desire, commitment, and persistence. Whether brass, woodwind, percussion, string, piano, or voice, studying the craft of music making requires time, effort, and quality training to build the techniques and skills necessary to master one’s instrument.

The teachers of CMMA aim to support what students are learning in school and/or community programs, whether it be mastering a demanding band selection, learning how to improvise a jazz solo for a concert, or preparing for District and/or All State auditions. We pledge to work in cooperation with the students school directors, community directors, and teachers to provide the additional instructional support necessary for musical advancement.

Specializing in working with students from all ranges of skill level, the CMMA will structure an educational plan for musical development crafted for the individual student. Our positive, nurturing atmosphere, coupled with jut the right combination of challenge and support, will stimulate musical growth by encouraging students to work hard, dedicate and commit to an in-home practice schedule, and help set reasonable short and long term goals.

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